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Cities at the heart of district energy at the heart of cities at the heart of district energy

District Energy in Cities

District Energy in Cities

No energy transition without sustainable cities, no sustainable cities without sustainable heat, no better solution than district energy! For three years now, this simple but compelling line of argument has been a central feature of Euroheat & Power’s advocacy work. It’s fair to say that we have spent plenty of time talking about cities, but what about talking to them?

In 2017, we started to walk to talk, or at least to take the crucial first steps. In line with our strategy of taking part in EU funded projects whose guiding principles support our advocacy efforts, we took (through our DHC+ Technology Platform) responsibility for communication and dissemination of the PLANHEAT project, a pan-European initiative aimed at helping cities decarbonise their heating and cooling sectors, an ambition which almost inevitably seems to lead to serious reflection about the potential contribution of a district heating and cooling network.

More generally, we strengthened our relationships with cities and organisations representing cities, turning their representatives into powerful advocates for our sector in the process. Over the past year, Euroheat & Power has laid the groundwork for a partnership with cities that has the potential to transform our approach to lobbying and help facilitate deeper and more frequent cooperation between our industry and the cities our technology is intended to serve. Stay tuned for important announcements in this area during the course of 2018!