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Your voice in the EU Energy Debate: concrete action to define the EU regulatory framework for district energy in the coming decade

EU Policy Achievements

EU Policy Achievements

No matter how many times we ask our members what our top priority should be, the answer always comes back exactly the same; lobby Brussels to make the world a safer place for district heating and cooling! With this in mind, 2017 was an intense and satisfying year for the Euroheat & Power team here in Brussels and, we hope, for our entire community.

After several years of (usually) patient work aimed at establishing heat as a priority challenge within the EU energy debate and positioning district energy as a leading solution, the past 12 months have finally seen some real action! The various legislative proposals that made up the EU’s Clean Energy Package, in particular the new Renewable Energy, Buildings and Energy Efficiency Directives, provided the outline of the regulatory framework in which our industry will operate during the next decade.

Our task has been to help guide these proposals through the EU decision-making process in order to ensure that the final texts put heat networks in the best possible position to deliver on their obvious potential. This has meant embracing the European Commission’s implicit offer to provide more support and visibility for our technology in exchange for certain guarantees about its performance. While these ongoing negotiations will certainly spill over into 2018, the foundations for success have already been laid. We are on track to meet the twin imperatives of (1) acting as a reliable and constructive partner for political decision-makers and (2) fiercely protecting the competitiveness and viability of our operators.

These achievements, which were made possible through the combined efforts of Euroheat & Power and its members, together with advocacy successes in other areas such as the revision of the Emissions Trading System, provide encouraging signs that together we can make our collective voice heard!