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A comeback year for district cooling

As chairman for the Working Group District Cooling since 2004, I’m happy to note that the attention for district cooling is back on the level we experienced 10 years ago. We reached a new record in members of the WGDC, several pre-phases for new district cooling has been initiated around Europe and many of the existing schemes have big expansion plans.

In October, the International District Cooling and Heating Conference/Global District Energy Climate Award was held in Doha, Qatar with focus on district cooling. A perfectly organised event by Euroheat & Power and Marafeq where district cooling was highlighted by UN’s Kigali amendment to the Montreal protocol as instrumental in mitigating up to 1 degree of the global warming.

Looking forward to a great district cooling year 2018 and to all cities, utilities and developers around Europe. With new directives in place and the support from institutions such as UNEP and IEA, the time is right to develop and offer high-efficient district cooling to the market.

Pär Dalin, Devcco