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A label for eco-efficient substations

A large part of our research activities focus on energy management, technology and policies. That ensures a better future for energy systems of a territory. Our solutions are considered as economic, ecologic, efficient and smart, but we were facing a lack of certification to show this fact to our customers or contractors. Other technologies have a label and a certification for their products and components.

Euroheat & Power piping certification is recognised all over the world but there is no other international certification for our activities. Eco-efficient substation certification process has been created by DHC+ through the CEN certification organisation in order to offer a visible label for the substation. The label has been launched to help manufacturers and operators convince their customers. Boilers and fridges have an efficiency label, which allows customers to compare various products and helps them purchase one. I believe that the eco-efficient substations certification programme of Euroheat & Power will grow fast and become a recognised label in the near future.

Bertrand Guillemot, Dalkia