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DHC+’ future starts with young people

Networking starts at the beginning, with young people. Education of the young engineers will ensure district energy activities’ better future. Each year, I am amazed by the number, the quality and the diversity of the papers proposed by the Student Awards applicants coming from all over the world. As well, this year, 3 sites submitted their application to host the 2018 DHC+ Summer School. I believe that DHC+ Education & Training activities are today recognized of high importance for district energy knowledge and help building the DHC+ network. With the strong activities of the DHC+ team, this network helps us to be more and more efficient. Thanks to them, we are now a major player for the successful R&D projects. DHC+ will continue to grow and work for district energy improvement, thanks to its members and its great team.

Bertrand Guillemot, Dalkia