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Enhancing synergies between electricity, heating/cooling and gas

A new H2020 project has been launched: the Magnitude Project, for “bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new MAGNITUDE”, that aims to develop business and market mechanisms, as well as supporting coordination tools to provide flexibility to the European electricity system, by enhancing synergies between electricity, heating/cooling and gas systems. We are very proud to participate in this project consortium, that brings together EHP and 16 partners from 9 European countries. Magnitude will target also real case studies of multi-energy systems of different sizes and technological features, located in different European countries: we contributes with our CANAVESE PLANT, a multi-carrier plant (making use of CHP, Heat Pumps and geothermal heat) in the MILANO DISTRICT HEATING SYSTEM.

Magnitude kick-off meeting in Paris-Saclay

Alessandro Gnatta, A2A