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A year of growth for DHC+

I couldn’t be more grateful to all members and colleagues for their passion and dedication. I am so happy it was with them that I shared both challenging and inspiring moments in 2017. It is not easy to have a job for which you feel like going to work when you get up in the morning. But I do and I really feel privileged. For me it’s important to know I am doing my part for a more sustainable society.  And it is so exciting to work on the most innovative solutions, it makes you feel you are already part of the future.

Thanks to many of us, in 2017 the DHC+ Technology Platform kept growing. The DHC+ secretariat doubled in the last two years and our projects doubled as well, passing from four to eight overnight and including so many of our members. We can now cover a much wider range of technical aspects and we will focus even more on topics such as low temperature district heating, excess heat, sector coupling and digitalisation.

Alessandro Provaggi, DHC+ Technology Platform