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2017: a year of “anything is possible”

2017: a year of “anything is possible”, sharing imagination and experiences – will you be part of next year’s dreams? I was lucky enough to work on very creative and challenging events such as the Euroheat & Power Congress in Glasgow with a rather different opening and the first “Picnic with the Sun”, “campfires”, “A problem shared is a problem solved” session and so much more. Another highlight: the International District Cooling and Heating Conference, which hosted the Global District Energy Climate Awards in Doha, Qatar, what a great experience! Thanks to everyone involved and an amazing EHP and member partnership! I met and worked with so many amazingly talented people from all walks of life, partners and members each of whom exposed me to new things and allowed Euroheat & Power to adopt new trends and to improve our services. So what’s next? Aim for the next year, imagine how Euroheat & Power and our services could be better and make it a reality. I dream big and wish for incredible initiatives, programming, speakers, attendees and exchanges.What actions are YOU willing to take, will YOU help to make the dream a reality? Looking forward to exchanging with YOU!

Silke Schlinnertz, Euroheat & Power