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Cooling, solar and successful events

Among this year’s highlights for me are the the well-designed and though-out programmes for our Euroheat & Power Congress in Glasgow and the International District Cooling & Heating Conference in Doha. We did our best to create different programmes, rich in content and informative while being attractive and full of outstanding speakers.

2017 has been for me as well a ‘cold’ year, not only for the work of the Working Group District Cooling, that met in Lisbon at the end of September, but also because the cooling sectors started to gather and network around the forum chaired by EHP, coolingEU that was launched in June. Both the WG District Cooling and coolingEU have set the basis for a fruitful work in the field in 2018.

But not everything is cooling, it is also solar! Within the SDHp2m project, consortium members have worked to increase the share of solar district heating in Europe and to set a clear and flexible policy framework in the regions linked to the project. In essence, 2017 was a year of planning and setting the basis in many areas for DHC. 2018 will be, with a bit of luck and hard work, the year of delivery. Looking forward to it.

Inés Arias, Euroheat & Power