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Intensifying work with municipalities

2017 has been a year full of memorable moments for me, all in some way or another related to working with and for cities. The highlight of the year was the EUSEW week, during which we organised the PLANHEAT event “Sustainable Cities: Towards Zero-Carbon Heating & Cooling” that I had the chance to moderate. It was great to see the fruitful exchange of best practices for sustainable heating & cooling by city change makers. During the European Congress for Local Governments in Krakow, I was invited as a speaker to share insights with Eastern European municipalities on EU DHC policy perspectives as well as funding opportunities. Also beyond PLANHEAT, our continued work with cities started to pay off: we retained an additional project on urban waste heat recovery (ReUseHeat) and intensified our work with the CELSIUS city project.

Working with municipalities in projects and beyond is rewarding – you can quickly see concrete results; challenging – they approach you with all kinds of issues ranging from latest tech developments to financing solutions; and humbling – municipalities are the real sounding boards of what works and what does not, on both the technological level and the social dimension. I am proud that DHC+/EHP can function as a hub where all this knowledge is gathered via its strong network of members and I am happy that I could do my part to make 2017 a success.

Sofia Lettenbichler, DHC+ Technology Platform