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EU policy: continued recognition for DHC

2017 was an eventful year marked by significant policy developments that will shape the regulatory environment for the district heating & cooling industry in the decades to come. The final deal on the EU carbon market and the new renewable energy framework will firmly strengthen the role of district heating the EU’s low-carbon energy transition and will further boost the potential of the industry. Euroheat & Power and its members should be very proud of the work they had done which led to the continued recognition of DHC multiple benefits by European policy makers.

In addition to policy developments, the industry continued striving for higher quality standards and technical harmonisation. In 2017, Euroheat & Power issued the very first quality certificate for District Heating Steel Valves as well as launched the new certification scheme for Eco-Efficient District Heating Substations.

Simas Gerdvila, Euroheat & Power