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Great time to be part of Euroheat & Power

They say it’s important to not to live in the past but if I could I might choose to stay in 2017! It was so exciting to see some of the aims we have been discussing as and industry and as an organisation being achieved. With some important policy wins, some successful events, a marked amplification of our online voice, and plenty of hard work and fun, it was a great time to be part of Euroheat & Power.

With each passing year, and even each passing month, we see further evidence and examples of the value that heating and cooling networks can bring to cities and people in Europe and around the world. The past twelve months felt like confirmation, if it were needed, that we are in the right business. I’d like to thank all my talented colleagues and our entire membership for their countless contributions to a great year. Looking forward to seeing if we can make 2018 even better!

Paul Voss, Euroheat & Power